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2FA is now required for all employees to access Patriot Web and Banner-related applications.

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When you log in to CAS-enabled applications you will use your enrolled device to confirm that it is you attempting to connect and not someone else. When authenticating, Duo automatically determines the best approach to request the second factor for authentication based on your enrolled devices.  

If you have previously enrolled a device that enables push notifications (smartphone or tablet), Duo will send you a PUSH Notification requesting approval to the first such device listed in your account.

If you do not have a device that uses Duo Push, you will receive a phone call requesting approval to the first phone number listed in your account.

If you wish to use an alternate method, refer to the "How to Use Multiple Devices" section of the  Advanced Features page. See the List of 2FA Authentication Options.


  1. Navigate to the application or service login page as usual.

    2FA CAS Screen

  2. Enter your Mason NetID, Patriot Pass Password and click Login.
  3. You will be presented with the Duo 2FA verification.

    Remember me screenshot

  4. Select the device and method you wish to use to verify your identity. Note, the options depend on the type of device selected:
    • Smartphone/Tablet (Send me a Push)
      • Your device will notify you of a Duo Mobile App request or you'll need to open the App. (Note: verify on your device that notifications are turned on for the Duo Mobile App.)
      • You will be asked to approve or deny the authentication request.
      • Tap approve on your device to complete the authentication request.
    • Mobile/Landline Phone (Call Me)
      • Your mobile phone or landline phone will ring.
      • Follow the phone prompts to authenticate.
    • Passcode (Duo Mobile App, Yubikey, or Bypass code)
  5. You will now be logged in.

'Remember me for 7 days' function

You have the option to use the 'Remember Me for 7 days' function in Duo. It will allow you to log in to your account without a prompt for your second factor for up to 7 days. To use the function, mark the 'Remember me for 7 days' checkbox and successfully authenticate with your second factor.

Remember me screenshot

You will not be asked for a second factor for 7 days when you are on the computer using the browser you authenticated from.

Removing 'Remember me for 7 days'

If you want to cancel the 'Remember Me for 7 days' feature, clear the browser's cookies and cache and restart the browser.

If you need assistance related to 2FA, contact the ITS Support Center.